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Since its founding the company has been at the forefront in providing innovative project and management service solutions to clients throughout the world thanks to a cadre of highly experienced engineers and industry experts in Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).

The company dedicated professionals have consolidated their experience in project management and are skilled at successfully leading and managing multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary projects.

Due to our established reputation for quality, the company has become an indispensable partner to companies that operate in such varied areas as the: Construction, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, Agro-industrial, Energy, Shipping, Road transport, Trading and service fields. We are committed to delivering the highest safety, environment and property management standards.


Our Company can provide the following services:

  • Complete highly qualified services in the sector of hygiene and safety at work in compliance with the work program;
  • Safety management applied to major public works in order to manage safety in very large and complex construction sites;
  • Direct undertaking both as Safety Coordinator responsible for the Planning and Execution of works as well as Project Supervisor with personnel qualified for 1 billion Euros projects;
  • Setting-up of the "Prevention and Protection Service" and direct undertaking as Manager and Officer of the "Prevention and Protection Service", Industrial Hygiene (assessment and monitoring of noise, dust, vibrations, microclimate, electromagnetic fields, explosive atmospheres), in construction sites for major works;
  • Appointed Expert, both by private and public Customers, as concerned with Protection and Prevention at work;
  • Implementation and management of organizational models in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 (the U.S.A. "Compliance Programs") as modified by the Leg. Decrees 81/2008 and subsequent amendments, section on crimes related to safety at work;
  • Drawing up of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in implementation of BS-OHSAS 18001:2007 for companies subjected to our consultancy. Inspections in workplace and construction sites, drawing up of main documents required by Italian Regulations concerning health safety in workplace, such as Documents of Risk Assessment, Operating Safety Plans, Safety and Coordination Plans etc. for companies subjected to our consultancy;
  • Implementation and management of systems safety management standard BS OHSAS 18001;
  • Safety Management Platform, by providing a platform that greatly facilitates the management of the site. Our platform has a function module for the construction site management, and it is structured to interface with the BIM systems (Building Information Modelling);
  • Safety Management through integrated BIM models, by implementing BIM models for the safety of any stage of the work of the project, in order to integrate and combine all implementation phases of the detailed work plan: our BIM safety model is structured to be implemented and maintained during the construction phases of the works;
  • Respect of the Provisions by Law and Total Safety of the sites: the application of BIM technology to safety in construction sites, together with the use of our platform, meets the requirements of the definition of the construction site from the project design itself, to its monitoring and control in execution phase and, therefore, it allows us to meet and go beyond the procedures provided for by law, reducing the distance between safety and operations in the construction site; there is no more distinction between the production model and the prevention one;
  • Implementation of Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commissioning of the Oil & Gas treatment. This work experience includes the main part of the oil field development project and also the central process facilities of the oil centre where barrels day (BOPD) of crude oil are treated and stabilized and the treatment of the associated gas and water, the LPG storage centre, the surface facilities on the well packs, the connections of the flow lines and pipelines.

Finally, our service provides a logical-functional-spatial connection between the production system and the object to be realized. The simulation of the construction phases with the BIM system, accompanied by our platform of Safety Management, is meant to assist the project and the safety management on-site, in particular by better ensuring:

  • Planning and coordination of sequences of tasks and their preventative measures;
  • Understanding of the production process;
  • Knowledge of working conditions and of the hazards, usually based on both intuition and experience;
  • Communication through photo-realistic high-impact pictures and videos, directly involving workers and hence overcoming language barriers;
  • Relationship between methods and building processes with technical elements;
  • Inclusion of models of the site layout together with the activity planning, which visually provides a precise overview of possible interference both in the project phase of safety and in the execution of the works;
  • Visualization of the most significant stages of working with the representation of all temporary works implemented, ensuring a precise accounting of the costs of safety burdens;
  • Management of emergencies showing the exact location of escapes, collection points, emergency units, in order to allow all staff to quickly reach for safe places. This component allows to draw interactive Renders, or videos concerning the emergency plan;
  • Interface with the platform of Safety Management.